5 reasons outdoor music festivals need more cell phone charging stations

goCharge HiTop at Bonnaroo

goCharge HiTop at Bonnaroo

One of the biggest obstacles music festivals face today is power supply. Even if it is an urban music festival (as opposed to the more common rural, out-in-the-middle-of-nowehere festival) finding outlets and ample power supplies for the endless amount of demand is always an issue. From lighting to instruments to electronic displays to food vendors, power supply, and lots of it, is vital at outdoor music festivals. You’ll find goCharge Cell Phone Charging Stations at most of the major music festivals around the country, such as Bonnaroo, Coachella, SxSW and Governor’s Ball.

Following are 5 reasons outdoor music festivals can increase their ROI and improve user experience by renting cell phone charging stations.

    1. Keep your festival goers happy and care-free by providing several charging stations in high traffic areas: in close proximity to stages, camping areas, dining areas, and bathrooms. The more festival goers are charging up at designated mobile device charging stations, the more power staff and bands have to use at their disposal.
    2. With goCharge’s new Solar System, you can be completely cord-free this year. The SolarSystem is powered entirely by the sun, allowing you to place it anywhere and everywhere. There are no location limitations with the SolarSystem — no long or dangerous cords to worry about, and you can save money on electricity costs.
Solar System by goCharge in use

Solar System by goCharge in use

  1. Cell phone charging stations are an important marketing tool for music festivals. Social media has a way of giving people access to your world without physically being there. The more fans, bands, and staff take photos and share them with the world, the more word gets out about your amazing event, the more sales you’ll have next year. Without power, there is no social media. Keep everyone charged up and having fun by providing cell phone charging stations.
  2. Avoid long lines for outlets, frustrating dead cellphone situations, and reduce your electricity costs by making sure you have ample mobile charging stations. goCharge’s locker cell phone charging stations allow people to leave their phones safely and securely while it charges up — no time is wasted. “It will only improve the whole experience,” says David Walke, CEO of goCharge. “Everybody wants to communicate with friends and family, take photos and videos, and post on social media. That’s all useless with a dead cell phone. Our Solar System is perfect for festivals since it’s powered completely by the sun.”
    goCharge HiTop in Use

    goCharge HiTop in Use

  3. Keep your attendees on the grounds. A dead cell phone is a great reason to back to your car to charge it. Most people prefer not to carry a bag during festivals – and if all outlets are unavailable, or they don’t have their chargers, attendees will have to make a long trek back where their car is parked. You lose their potential buying activity if they leave. If there are cell phone charging stations, they’ll charge up and continue to enjoy the festival.

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