goCharge at the County of San Diego Innovation Day

goCharge Solar System Charging Station goCharge is excited to participate in the County of San Diego Innovation Day! Stop by to see our Falcon and HiTop charging stations and learn more about our new Solar unit. And make sure to charge up your mobile devices all day—on us!

5 reasons trade shows, conferences, and events need more cell phone charging stations

goCharge Charging Tables (Custom Design) at a convention The perfect way to keep attendees inside the show or bring them to your booth, goCharge's cell phone charging kiosks are essential at Trade Shows, Conferences, and Conventions because they offer a unique and exceptional sponsorship opportunity. Let's go through the top...

Hospital Customer Charges Up While Waiting for Loved One

Earlier this week, an elated Carnegie Hill Endoscopy customer wrote to goCharge to tell us how grateful she was for the cell phone charging he used while waiting for a loved one getting a procedure. "The feeling of security and comfort the charging station gave me kept me calm...

Happy 4th of July from goCharge!

goCharge wishes everyone a safe and happy Independence Day on America's 241st birthday.

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